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Japanese inn HidaTakayama Wanosato

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About ”Wanosato”

A village hidden in the mountains of Hida,
borrowing the landscape of Mount Norikura

Takayama City in Gifu Prefecture ranks as the city with the largest area in Japan. It has been famous as a city in the mountains with a flourishing culture of town people,but in the south of the downtown there is "Wanosato", embraced by sacred mountains, with the Miyagawa river valley at our feet.Nature has been left untouched on the most of our vast grounds of approximately 45,000 sqm,allowing our guests to enjoy each moment in any season. All our eight unique guest rooms boast a sense of history and Japanese culture, and are built in the ways of Hida region to be cool in summer and warm in winter. Dinner around the sunken hearth in the main building will feature local people eager to tell you a variety of folk tales. Please enjoy the stories about gassho-zukuri and Hida's history, about various cultural elements concerning plant and food culture, along with our traditional alcoholic beverage "kapposake".

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