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Sunken hearthSunken hearth

The main building of "Wanosato" is a 160-year-old reconstruction of a wealthy farmer's mansion, with an imposing sunken hearth on the first floor.
We use its “irori” (sunken hearth) to boil water or to slowly grill ayu (sweetfish) and iwana (rockfish).

The “irori” is still an unreplaceable part of life at "Wanosato" as it provides warmth in the winter and air circulation in the summer.

After dinner, locals serve our famous "kappo sake" and will tell stories about the land.
You can enjoy listening to Hida folklore while tasting our local sake heated in a bamboo tube and eating “takuan” (pickled radish) or “hijiki”.

When there are several groups of guests, we ask them to share the space together, and they always seem to be having a good time and enjoying each other's company.
We hope you will spend a relaxing time listening to the crackling of the fire and the murmuring of the Miya River while letting your mind err about the history of Hida.

Sunken hearth
Norio Nakashima He is well versed in local folklore and history, and is also knowledgeable about plants and bonsai.
He is popular for his cheerful personality and lively stories, and many of our regular customers look forward to having fireside chats with him.


「"Wanosato" offers approximately 45,000 sqm of land extending across the Miyagawa River, so that our guests can enjoy from their rooms the richness of nature throughout the four seasons.

You can enjoy the seasonal changes as you stroll close to the Miyagawa River, a clear stream teeming with river fish, and fully appreciate the wood-fired kamado (cooking stove), the water wheel, and other features unique to "Wanosato".

Please enjoy our pristine nature deep in the mountains, even in the Hida region where more than 90% of the land is occupied by mountain forests.


Restaurant Ichiinoma

Ichiinoma This is a hall on the first floor of the main building that can accommodate up to 30 people.
The large 11-meter wide glass window offers an overwhelming view of the nature around the Miyagawa River and to feel each season with all your senses.

Restaurant Amanogawa

Amanogawa The dining room on the second floor of the main building with its beautiful contrast of red walls and black beams.
Our guests can enjoy their meals at a table made of a single impressive piece of Japanese cypress wood.
There is also a small window in the room that offers a view of the sunken hearth on the first floor.

Restaurant Shikounoma

Shikounoma The Yakusugi cedar table with a sunken kotatsu table is made using traditional Hida techniques that do not use a single nail.
In addition, the walls and floors are painted with "Shunkei Nuri”,making it a room where you can see the craftsmanship of Hida everywhere.