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Hot spring information

The hot spring at "Wanosato" was officially recognized by Gifu Prefecture and registered as the trademark "Hida Kuraiyama Onsen" in 2010.

Its rather hot water will relieve daily fatigue and keep your body warm until the next day.

We have a wild-style rock bath made of giant rocks from the Jomon era, and a bath fully made of “hinoki” (Japanese cypress), where you can enjoy the mild spring water quality as it is,since the source of the hot spring is located on our premises.

Rock bathRock bath

Our hot spring is popular as a "rejuvenating hot spring" that is excellent for cell activation,heat retention, and moisturizing, due to the synergistic effects of fluorine in the source with trace amounts of radium released from the giant rocks in the rock bath.

Rock bath image Rock bath iamge

Hinoki bathHinoki bath

Our Full-Hinoki Bath (made using only Japanese cypress) offers a magnificent view,together with a subtle scent of Japanese cypress.
Our guests can enjoy the freedom of the magnificent view from the large windows of our Full-Hinoki bath.

Hinoki bath image

Indoor bathIndoor bath

All guest rooms are provided with private “hinoki” baths.
Our guests can bathe while enjoying the exclusive view from your window.
(The indoor baths are not hot spring water.)

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