Japanese inn HidaTakayama Wanosato

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Japanese inn  HidaTakayama  Wanosato



Please enjoy our pure Japanese cuisine prepared with the finest ingredients and techniques in our inn nestled in the heart of nature. We will treat you with our heartfelt hospitality, based on our wish that our guests' hearts will be at ease: this is the very Japanese “kaiseki”.

Wanosato Cuisine

Local and seasonal ingredients Along with traditional techniques and colored with field flowers

Hida beef飛騨牛

Hida beef image

Colorful flowers and grassesColorful flowers and grasses

Colorful flowers and grasses iamge

Flavorful wild vegetablesFlavorful wild vegetables

Flavorful wild vegetables iamge

Fresh mountain stream fish: “iwana” (rockfish) and “ayu” (sweetfish)Fresh mountain stream fish: “iwana” (rockfish) and “ayu” (sweetfish)

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